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Don't forget to bring the Spring Festival from driving car essential emergency tools

Date : Mon,26 Dec 2011 14:54:22

The Spring Festival is drawing near, self-driving tour and returning tide will usher in the peak. Long distance running, is occasionally encountered various problems, for example broke down, the battery runs out of power, had a flat tire and other troubles. This time on the need for the owner to have a fully equipped and practical emergency kit, believe that if your car has the necessary tools, in the event of a failure or unexpected circumstances can cope. Then the emergency kit are need to be placed on what tools? This period, we will provide you a list of these in an emergency when the most practical tools


Automotive power inverter can be 12V DC power conversion and power the same 220V alternating current, for general electric, is a convenient vehicle power supply converter. The cigarette lighter of the vehicle power supply inverter output can be 20W, 40W, 80W, 120W until 150W power specifications. And then some big power inverter power source through a connecting line to receive battery. In need of special note here is, buy car inverter power supply, not greedy ( high power ), are mainly based on their electrical usage condition to choose. If just for mobile phone, digital camera, digital camera battery charging, and occasionally in the car with a laptop, the selection of power within 150W inverter can be done; but if the owner needs to go out, or is driven oneself swim lover, more than 200W inverter power supply is a wise choice. The matters needing attention, as far as possible when using the car on.